What a happy baby!  Finley came to the studio and brought him mom and dad for some sweet family photos.arkansas-newborn-photographer_0005

It’s time for seniors!  This is a busy time for seniors at MGP – summer is just about over and their senior year has begun.  There are a bunch of good looking young people in Northwest Arkansas!
arkansas-senior-photographer_0017 arkansas-senior-photographer_0018 arkansas-senior-photographer_0019 arkansas-senior-photographer_0020 arkansas-senior-photographer_0021


I get so busy being a “professional” photographer that I sometimes forget to document the moments in my own family’s life.  I turned around to tell Lane to come take a posed picture with his dad and brother.  This is how I found him.  He is actually talking to himself and playing some type of game he made up.  I’m glad I didn’t miss this and that I had the presence of mind to stop my posing and take this photo.  It melts my heart.  It is Lane being Lane – just the way I love him.


I was flattered when Kenzie’s mom called and asked if I would take her senior pictures.  They drove 10 hours an met me at the beautiful College of the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri for Kenzie’s session. I think this might be my first senior from Louisiana.

Seniors are like dominoes, once one senior gets their senior pictures back, they all start calling.  I LOVE it!


In between senior sessions, I have had the chance to squeeze in a newborn or two.  What better job could a girl ask for . . . hanging out with cool seniors and cuddling new babies.


Here’s Elizabeth in all her sweetness and little Derek who blessed this family immensely.




arkansas-newborn-photographer -0014


Hannah | Senior 2015

August 1, 2014


I absolutely love it when a client shows up at a session with more props than I have!  Hannah and her mom were so fun to work with. What a doll!arkansas-senior-photographer

Three years ago today, a little girl was about to be brought into this world as a miracle. Her birth would provide two wonderful people with an opportunity to be parents – something they had not been able to achieve in the traditional sense of the word. My aunt and uncle had applied for adoption and Malia’s birth mother selected them as the recipients of the most important gift she will ever give. newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0030 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0032 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0033 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0034 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0035 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0037 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0038 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0039 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0040 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0041 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0043 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0044 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0045 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0046We prayed and God sent us a beautiful angel to fill our hearts with joy and pride.  Happy birthday, Malia. We are so thankful you are part of our family.

I didn’t get to blog little Koen during his first days because momma wanted his birth announcement to be a surprise.  I didn’t want to leave him out!  Don’t you just want to pinch those cheeks?newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0027

Jessica is the daughter of a dear high school friend. I was honored they chose me to take her senior photos.  Congratulations, Jess!senior-photographer-missouri

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