I was thrilled when Lake asked me to photographer her and Dusty’s wedding.  What a perfect day it turned out to be at StoneCreek Ranch!wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas- wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-2 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-3 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-4 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-5 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-6 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-6a wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-7 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-8 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-9 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-10 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-11 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-12 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-13 wedding-photographer-harrison-arkansas-14

The hardest part of taking bridal photos is keeping them under wraps until after the Big Day.  Chelsea spends a lot of time at the beautiful Big Cedar Lodge, so it was only fitting to do her bridal session there.big-cedar-bridal-portraits-4 big-cedar-bridal-portraits-6 big-cedar-bridal-portraits-7 big-cedar-bridal-portraits-8 big-cedar-bridal-portraits-9 big-cedar-bridal-portraits-10 big-cedar-bridal-portraits-11 big-cedar-bridal-portraits-12 big-cedar-bridal-portraits-13

Chelsea and Chris had a beautiful wedding at the most quaint venue.  Creekwood Gardens was the perfect setting for this sweet couple. Check them out creekwood-wedding creekwood-wedding-16 creekwood-wedding-14 creekwood-wedding-13 creekwood-wedding-12 creekwood-wedding-11 creekwood-wedding-10 creekwood-wedding-9 creekwood-wedding-8 creekwood-wedding-7 creekwood-wedding-6 creekwood-wedding-5 creekwood-wedding-4 creekwood-wedding-3 creekwood-wedding-1 creekwood-garden


There is something about baby lips . . . Madelyn was 12 days new during her session. Newborns are so much fun!macro-lips newborn-photographer-harrison-arkansas newborn-photographer-harrison twelve-day-old newborn-with-feather-headband

Sport photos don’t have to be boring. . . senior-girl-sports-photo

Clients always ask what they should wear, but not a lot of people ask how they should do their make-up.  This is just as important as what you wear . . . I’m always excited when my senior girls show up in false eye lashes. Whether you’re a girly-girl or not, you should wear make-up to your session.  Lashes make the eyes stand out and give them an extra wow-factor.  Foundation and blush are great too, because they give your face a nice smooth look with a little color.  Color on the lips is ALWAYS great, especially a nice gloss. Senior sessions are booking up quickly, so it’s a great time to be thinking about what you’re going to wear, how you’re going to do your hair, and what make-up you’ll wear. 



When Jackie called me from Louisiana to book her wedding, she was simply giddy.  She explained that she and her fiance, Kirby, were “sneaking off” to get married, but that her family would kill her if she didn’t bring back some great wedding pictures.  I have to say these two were the sweetest couple! Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Beaver Lakefront Cabins.  It was a beautiful winter day in Eureka Springs.
mature-wedding-couple macro-ring-shot

As soon as those pretty little rings are unwrapped on Christmas, my phone starts ringing and my email goes nuts.  Here it is January 9, and I have booked 14 weddings for 2014.  I think I’m liking the number 14.

As I sit here looking out at the ice-covered ground, Spring seems like a long way off. Can’t wait to photograph this cute couple in May.




I love a challenge. I love learning. I love photography.  Put those things together and the result is my recent rash of newborns. . . no pun intended! This little guy was a sleeper. Perfect!

Reindeer baby

Reindeer baby

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