Michele Graves Photography is located in Northwest Arkansas near Harrison, Eureka Springs, and Branson, Missouri.  I shoot weddings, engagements, families, seniors, newborns, and children.  My style is modern with bright colors and on location or studio. I work hard to keep my sessions fun and my prices affordable.  Check back often for my latest sneak peeks.  Leave a comment!!  Thanks – Michele

38 Responses to “Michele Graves Photography”

  1. Madonna Rundall Arrington said

    I grow up in Green Forest, now live in Tulsa,Ok. My daughter Leanna Rundall is getting married April 16,2011 in Fayetteville,Ar area. We are wanting price list for her engagement and wedding reception package. and would u be willing to come to Fayetteville area to do her wedding reception. Thank You for your time and appreciate your time.. will be looking forward to your information,
    918-519-8279 cell

    Thank You
    Madonna Rundall Arringotn

  2. jerran wallis said

    Mrs. Graves,
    Hello its jerran, my daughter will be turning one in may and i want to get her pictures done before the party. I was wandering if we could get together and talk about pricing and make an appt. for the session.
    thank you,
    jerran wallis

  3. Cassandra Green said

    Hi. Im Cassandra Green and I go to Alpena and I was wondering if you can send me the Alpena Pageant Winner Pictures so I can put them in the yearbook. Thank you! If you have any questions you can call Sherry Smith (yearbook advisor) here at school.
    Cassandra Green

  4. cristina said


  5. danelle said

    I was told by your brother to check out your sight, what beutiful pictures. I know soon we will be calling to set up a session.

  6. Megan said

    I am wanting family photos taken can you please email me with your price list. Thank you

  7. Eden Dawn said

    I would love for you to do my pictures. My mom would like to do them near the end of october and the beginning of november. I dont have internet at home, only on my cell. But you can get ahold of me on facebook. Also i looked for the prices and i couldnt find them. Let me know please.

  8. Camie Williams said

    Hi there,
    My family is planning a trip to Branson to meet with other family members the week between Christmas and New Years. We are on a limited budget, but the trip will mean that my baby and my stepson’s baby will be together for the first time. So we wanted to see about photos. Can you let me know about pricing?

  9. Danny De Los Santos said

    I’m a senior at Green Forest High School, and I was wondering if you can email me your price list.
    Thank You,
    Danny De Los Santos

  10. Victoria Pinkley said

    I was wondering if you could send me your price list and available session dates. Thank you.

  11. Suzanne Villines said

    I need to talk with you about doing a family photo at Christmas. John will be in from D.C. and Amelia from Stanford between December 22-27.

  12. kendra said

    looking for weddin g photographer 6/9/12 mt home at lydias need pricelist

  13. Chastie Burns said

    Need a price list for a wedding on 6/30/12 near the Bentonville, AR area. Thanks!

  14. Mike said

    Our family of five is visiting Branson next week and would like to see about a family photo session. Can I get a sense of pricing and if you have availability next week? Thank you…

  15. Syida Lizta said

    Hi, I would like to use one of your photos for a newspaper article I am writing. I will credit the photo to you, is that okay? Thank you.

  16. Katie Roettger said

    I am searching for a wedding photographer. Please e-mail your price list. Thank you!

  17. Nicole said

    Do you shoot baby 1st birthday?

  18. Suzanne Villines said

    I need to get passport photos done for Monte and I. Can you do those?

  19. Nicole Davis said

    Hi! Just wanted to get some information on pricing. My parents are in town from Florida and are thinking about doing photos with my two year old son. It would have to be some time before the 21st. Would you have time available before then? Thank you so much!

    Nicole Davis

  20. Kimberly Casey said

    Hi Michelle!! We are looking to have some senior pics taken in the Eureka Springs area. Do you have a price list? Thank you so much! We have enjoyed looking at all of your amazing work!!


  21. Denise said

    Michelle, my neice is getting married in August 2013.We loved your shots of the Hunter/Crunkleton weddng. Please send a price list as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

  22. Lynn said

    My family is taking a trip to Branson July 11-15. I wanted to see if you had a session time open and your pricing. There will be 14 people. Thanks.

  23. Hi, My name is Sarah Unwer and my Fiance and I are getting married on May 10th 2014 in Harrison. We are looking for a photographer could you send me your prices and packages?

    sarah unwer

  24. Berryann Martin said

    I’m looking to get maternity photo’s done. I’ve been told by many you’re the woman to talk to. When you get a chance I would like to know about a price and maybe talk about setting up an appointment.? Thank you! I look forward to working with you!

  25. Teela Smith said

    Hi i was wondering where you are located and how much you charge for a session? I have a 1 month old boy and saw a picture of a baby holding a wrench and thought a picture like that would be perfect! Thanks!

  26. Hannah Dixon said

    I am looking for someone to take my engagement pictures! 🙂

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