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Every time it snows, and the kids are out for a snow day, I find myself wanting to take pictures.  Thanks, Jennifer, for braving the cold and icy roads for this session!

Here are some of the wonderful families who dropped in for my Fall mini sessions.  Mini sessions are 30 minute sessions for $35 sitting fee. You get 10 images to choose from.  Photos are posted online for viewing for 2 weeks.  Contact me if you’re interested in booking for the next Christmas mini session this month.  870.480.9732 or michelegravesphotography@gmail.com

I spent the week in California, and despite the first rain in months, we had some great family sessions.  It was great to visit my family while I was there, even if I did have to squeeze in a little work.  What is it about the light in California – even in the rain – that makes it so yummy?  I don’t know, but I like it.  Thank you to my Huntington Beach clients, friends, and families.

It was a sweet blessing to be able to take Kaylee’s newborn pictures, so today was a great treat. I got to see this little six-month-old trying to crawl, attempt to eat grass, apples, and the box we sat her in, as well as a little smile now and again. Thanks Barretts for coming out today!

It was very  nice meeting the Davidson family today in Branson, Missouri. We borrowed a shady spot on the campus of College of the Ozarks (my alma mater).  I am always happy to tell people about the work study program that helped me get through college!

I met the Hatfield family tonight. . .no, the McCoys weren’t there. They live down the road at Osage.  What beautiful kids!!


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