I had the opportunity to do something today that not many people can claim to do . . . I took pictures of a miracle.  

I’m not a nature photographer, but when Spring finally arrives, I find myself wandering the yard, woods, and fields trying to fill my viewfinder with the much longed for colors of the season.  After the browns, grays, and whites of the winter, it’s a welcomed sight . . . 

The beginning of the sleet. 9:26 am

Well, we are out of school again today. . . expecting the worst storm in years.  Here are the first pictures. This was just the freezing rain.  Sleet has started and snow to come.

Oscar does not love the freezing rain!

What does a photographer do on a snow day? Well, . . . 

Lindsey and her mother were good sports on a cool October morning.  Thanks for a great session, ladies. See all of Lindsey’s pictures on the proofs link at http://www.michelegravesphotography.com

I dashed out from my last meeting of the day at Mt. Magazine to take some nature pictures. This is not my normal area of interest, but when you are surrounded by beautiful scenery, you can’t help but pick up your camera.  I walked down a trail that said, “Caution, steep cliffs” to find the most beautiful view. I then found out the sign should have said, “Caution, you have to climb back up.”  Camera bag in tow, I made the treck and found it worth every bug bite, every labored breath, and every sore muscle.  (Did you get the hint that I’m a bit out of shape?) Well, here is the end result.

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