Pretty little Westyn loves bracelets and dressing up.  She was the sweetest little thing!children-photographer


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I couldn’t believe how  happy this little girl was when she came into the studio. She was full of big ol’ smiles all day long!

I like to make the most of my days off from school. Thanks to Tara, it was a fun and productive afternoon. (Not to mention my good friend CAROL helped put my website on my car window!)

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Let it snow! Let it snow!

Don't eat that!

Do you remember waiting to see your school’s name scroll across the bottom of the television screen, or waiting for your school’s name to be called on the radio so you could roll over and go back to sleep?  Well, even though Lane attends pre-school, when Mommy gets a snow day, so does he.  It’s funny how the cold doesn’t seem to bother him when there is snow on the ground. Any other morning he would have complained for 20 minutes about how cold it was.

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