It’s time for seniors!  This is a busy time for seniors at MGP – summer is just about over and their senior year has begun.  There are a bunch of good looking young people in Northwest Arkansas!
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I met Cristen in Eureka Springs for her senior pictures this morning.  After attempting to get through the first Eureka Springs bicycle race – they block off streets just in case you were wondering – we got some great shots.  I hope you have a great senior year, Cristen!  See the rest of Cristen’s pictures on the website


I have had the opportunity to photography Abbie many times over the years for high school sports such as cheerleading, softball, etc. at Green Forest High School, as well as for beauty pageants where she is often the winner.  It has been a pleasure watching you grow into a beautiful young lady, Abbie.

Trey is my senior rep for Alpena High School this year.  We visited Trey’s family farm and saw kittens, dogs, turkeys, horses, and yes, a little fawn Trey rescued this Spring.  It was like visiting a mini petting zoo just down the road from my house.  After declining the offer of a kitten or ten, we then took a trip to Alpena to photograph Trey with Tim Ogier’s antique John Deere tractor. Beautiful!  Thanks, Tim and Lisa for letting us tromp through your yard and use your tractor.


Cole is one of my 2012 Senior Reps.  He attends Green Forest High School, and obviously loves farm life.  He is a successful team roper and has a pet bull named Martin.  Martin gets a little jealous of Cole’s horse, Skunk.  It was quite an interesting evening at the Newberry farm in Green Forest. I can honestly say this is a first – I’ve never photographed a pet bull before!  In his spare time, Cole plays basketball for the Green Forest Tigers. Thanks for the entertaining evening, Cole!

The first thing I noticed about Rachael was that she has one of those smiles that lights up the room.

Cameron was a natural . . . what else can I say?


Angelina, the girl with a eyes and a smile as beautiful as her name.  She was a very sweet girl and a lot of fun to photograph!

Sebastian . . . a rock star name deserves rock star pictures.  

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