When Jackie called me from Louisiana to book her wedding, she was simply giddy.  She explained that she and her fiance, Kirby, were “sneaking off” to get married, but that her family would kill her if she didn’t bring back some great wedding pictures.  I have to say these two were the sweetest couple! Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Beaver Lakefront Cabins.  It was a beautiful winter day in Eureka Springs.
mature-wedding-couple macro-ring-shot

Sarah is a former student of mine from my high school English teaching days.  When she graduated I remember thinking, “I wonder if I ever reached her.”  On my desk one day was a gift from Sarah. . . a crystal apples which still sits on my computer desk to this day. I’m looking at it now.  It wasn’t the fact that Sarah brought me a gift that I found so touching, it was the sentiment.  There was a card as well and through that I knew I had made an impact on her.  She has made me very proud with her success and her recent acceptance of a teaching job.  She will be a math teacher this Fall and I wish her a room full of students like her.  

When I first started my photography business, I was scared to death of weddings. I would shoot anything, but no weddings! I kept telling myself that I was better at senior photos and that I should simply stick to that.  I have a dear friend who lives in Waco, Texas, and she encouraged me to shoot more weddings.  With her pushing and prodding and encouragement, I have forced myself to go against my fears of not doing something well.  (I was the kid in class who always had to have an A.) Now I look at the product of hard work and determination (along with lots of reading,  blog stalking, and practice . . . ) to see the end result.  I LOVE shooting weddings!!  I hope Tay and Kent enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

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