Three years ago today, a little girl was about to be brought into this world as a miracle. Her birth would provide two wonderful people with an opportunity to be parents – something they had not been able to achieve in the traditional sense of the word. My aunt and uncle had applied for adoption and Malia’s birth mother selected them as the recipients of the most important gift she will ever give. newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0030 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0032 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0033 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0034 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0035 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0037 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0038 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0039 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0040 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0041 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0043 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0044 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0045 newborn-photographer-northwest-arkansas_0046We prayed and God sent us a beautiful angel to fill our hearts with joy and pride.  Happy birthday, Malia. We are so thankful you are part of our family.

I just couldn’t resist sharing this one of Kynsley.  Her momma has entered her in a contest with it.  What a little princess!

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