Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Roberts who were married on January 5, 2013 in a private ceremony in Berryville, Arkanas.

Carmen and Jacob Hall were married at Integrity HIlls which is located just outside of Branson, Missouri, on Hwy 86.  It is a beautiful venue with a breathtaking view of Table Rock Lake. This is just the sweetest couple, and I have to give props to Carmen and her mom for the decor at the wedding.ImageImage

When I first started my photography business, I was scared to death of weddings. I would shoot anything, but no weddings! I kept telling myself that I was better at senior photos and that I should simply stick to that.  I have a dear friend who lives in Waco, Texas, and she encouraged me to shoot more weddings.  With her pushing and prodding and encouragement, I have forced myself to go against my fears of not doing something well.  (I was the kid in class who always had to have an A.) Now I look at the product of hard work and determination (along with lots of reading,  blog stalking, and practice . . . ) to see the end result.  I LOVE shooting weddings!!  I hope Tay and Kent enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

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