eureka-springs-engagementIt’s April and wedding season is upon us. The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, trees are budding and couples are getting married.  Here are some tips for you brides and grooms:

1. WEAR SUNSCREEN – Yes, that ‘s right, even if you aren’t having an outside wedding be sure to cover those exposed shoulders with sunscreen. At the same time, be careful with sunscreen on your face as it can reflect a flash and make your face look much paler than your spouse.

2. PLAN FOR ALTERNATE LOCATIONS – Many times weather is unpredictable in the Spring – at least hear in Northwest Arkansas.  Have some alternate locations planned in case the weather is not cooperating.

3. DRINK WATER – It gets warm in the Spring, but most people don’t think about hydrating since it’s not “hot” out yet. Drink plenty of water.

4. EAT SOMETHING – Many times my brides and grooms are nervous and don’t eat much prior to the wedding. They are literally starving by the time the receptions comes. If you’re like me, you might tend to get a little grouchy when you haven’t eaten all day.  Even it it’s a light snack, it will help. The reception is usually a long wait for a meal.

I met Emily and Cody when I did their engagement photos at College of the Ozarks just south of Branson, Missouri.  They were both attending college there at the time. It was a beautiful but very windy day.  Well, we imagined our wind troubles were over after that, but, you guessed it, the morning of the wedding was windy!  Well, by the time the pictures started, everything was perfect. The wedding was held at the Baptist Church in Bear Creek Springs, Arkansas, with reception following at the Durand Center in Harrison, Arkansas.ImageImageImage

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